About Me

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Thank you so much for taking the time to follow my blog and for wanting to learn more about me.

About Me

I’m Kerri Byers, a health and fitness blogger, social media marketer, and entrepreneur. I have been on a journey to live a healthy, balanced life and help others do the same. I live in New Hampshire where I am a business & marketing director of a CPA firm, as well as the CEO of Fit & Fab NH.

Fit & Fab NH is all about my favorite things in health and fitness, as well as, personal goals, recipes, and ways to get outside in NH to get exercise. My goal in life is to be able to inspire and motivate others to build a healthy body and balanced life.

Want to Connect with Me?

With today’s technology it is pretty easy to get in touch with me. Right now, I am involved with quite a few social networks. I am mostly on FaceBook and Instagram. If you are more of a Twitter follower I’m @fitfabnh. On Facebook my personal link is http://www.facebook.com/kerribyersfitness or through a like page http://www.facebook.com/FitFabNHbyKerriByers. I also have a Pinterest under fitfabnh and LinkedIn account http://www.linkedin.com/in/fitfabnh/
You can also hit follow here on my blog.
I can be reached by email anytime fitfabnh@gmail.com

How I began my journey to helping others achieve all of their fitness goals:

While I was pregnant with my son I gained a whopping 58 pounds. I have been in relatively “good” shape my entire life so the 58 pound weight gain was devastating to me. I was hoping when I had my son the extra pounds would magically disappear (yeah right)

Well, they didn’t in fact I barely lost anything after delivery. Bam it hit me. I was overwhelmed with my first child and depressed about my weight.

3 weeks home with a newborn I was up at 3am with my son for a night feeding and a P90X infomercial came on. It was a sign to me, a sign I didn’t have to feel this way, and that I had a choice.
I ordered it right then and there.

At my 6 week check up I got the green light to work out. In fact my OB-GYN was doing P90X at the time!
I went home that day and pushed PLAY on that DVD.

I worked out every single night at almost 11 o’ clock at night. Did I want to…NO but it was a goal and I kept at it. At first I couldn’t keep up. But that didn’t stop me. I completed P90X and moved on to Les Mills Pump.

I lost 69 pounds and am in better shape than ever!
I was presented with a fitness coaching opportunity and thought it was a perfect fit for me. I get to pass on these amazing products and help be there to motivate them into reaching every goal they have. Yes I am a mom, a wife, a full-time business & marketing manager BUT I take time to help others feel the way I feel now. If you want to make a change message me, it’s as easy as that.



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