Hiking Trails


Blueberry Mountain Trail
Benton, NH

Rating: Easy/Moderate
Distance: 4.7 miles
Elevation Gain: 1067 feet (cumulative)
Hiking Time: Actual: 2:40 Typical: 3:00
Outing Duration: Actual: 3:45 Typical: 4:30
Rating: Easy/Moderate
Season: Summer

mt major

Mt Major
Alton, NH via Boulder Loop and Brook Trails

Rating: Moderate
Features: Summit, views, night hike, fireworks, brook, ledges, loop hike
Distance: 4.0 miles
Elevation Gain: 1150 feet (cumulative)
Hiking Time: Actual: 2:15 Typical: 2:40
Outing Duration: Typical: 4:00
Season: Summer

monadnock mtn

Mount Monadnock and Bald Rock
Jaffrey, NH

Rating: Moderate/Difficult
Features: Summits, views, slabs, rock scrambles, alpine zone, loop hike
Distance: 6.9 miles
Elevation Gain: 2000 feet (cumulative)
Hiking Time: Actual: 6:27 Typical: 5:00
Outing Duration: Actual: 9:00 Typical: 8:00
Season: Fall

belknap mtn

Belknap Mountain Loop
Gilford, NH

Rating: Moderate/Difficult
Features: Summit, views, fire tower, loop hike
Distance: 1.9 miles
Elevation Gain: 720 feet (cumulative)
Hiking Time: Typical: 1:20
Outing Duration: Typical: 2:15
Season: Summer


Black Pond and Franconia Falls
Lincoln, NH

Rating: Easy
Features: Pond, cascades, views, river, brooks
Distance: 8.0 miles
Elevation Gain: 500 feet (cumulative)
Hiking Time: Typical: 4:15
Outing Duration: Typical: 6:30
Season: Spring


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