Fitness Programs

The Fit 2 Fab Challenge begins monthly! Don’t wait

This challenge is not just a body transformation though… it is going to set you up for long-term success in ALL areas of your life. It is going to stretch you to become more of who you are meant to be.
You will need to be willing to open up and come to grasps with what has been holding you back in the past in order to let go and grow beyond it in the future!

I must be your assigned coach, so if you DO NOT yet have an account, click this link and create a FREE ONE!

If you DO have an assigned coach, you have TWO options!

#1 – Reach out to your current coach and see if they run their own challenges (some do!)


#2 – If you are not working with your assigned coach and would like to switch, you can do so by writing and cc me at In the email write:
“My name is (insert your name here) , my Team Beachbody email is (insert your email here). I would like to transfer my coach to have Kerri Byers, Coach ID# 245974 as my NEW Beachbody Coach. Please make the switch as soon as possible. I request that you notify myself and Kerri when the transfer has successfully processed. Thank you!”

*I do not charge anything for you to be a part of my challenges… All I require is the following:

1. You must choose a Beachbody at-home fitness program. If you do not already own one that you would like to do… then I can work with you to pick the perfect one for your life-style and goals. (If you need to purchase a program, make sure you ask me how you can save between 25-30% OFF by ordering your Shakeology and program together!)

2. You must be willing to replace one meal a day with Shakeology for the 60 days and follow my nutrition guide. This is going to ensure you get the results you desire within the 60 day period of the challenge. DIET makes up 70% of your results… Therefore there will be a major emphasis on teaching you how to eat to FUEL your body during the challenge!

3. You must be open-minded and willing to share & participate in the group. We have daily assignments/check ins that are designed to help you overcome obstacles and grow as a person so that this is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix.

I have seen SO MANY women bounce from diet to the next with little results… THIS IS NOT A DIET, THIS is a LIFESTYLE. If you are ready to rip of the band-aid and do what it takes to live your best life… THIS is the challenge for YOU!

Email me today at or
Message me on FB today to get started


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